Tahoe Fund Meets Campaign Goal For Lily Lake Trail Thanks to Triple Funding Match by Vail Resorts’ Epic Promise

Tahoe Fund

Contributions from Vail Resorts’ EpicPromise guest donation program helped meet funding gap required to complete new multi-use trail accessing Fallen Leaf Lake and Desolation Wilderness

TAHOE CITY, Calif. (Nov. 19, 2019) – Thanks to a triple match from Vail Resorts’ EpicPromise guest donation program at Northstar, Heavenly and Kirkwood, completion of the Lily Lake Trail will be a reality in 2020. Earlier this year, the planned 2.1-mile multi-use trail designed to provide new access to Fallen Leaf Lake and Desolation Wilderness faced a $75,000 funding gap. The nonprofit Tahoe Fund mobilized its supporters, and within a few short months, secured funding commitments from Vail Resorts EpicPromise, the Mathman family and other contributors to ensure the trail can be completed next summer by the US Forest Service and Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association. 

“Our goal has always been to help environmental and sustainable recreation projects like this one achieve completion in the Tahoe Basin,” said Katy Simon Holland, Tahoe Fund board chair. “This effort truly demonstrated the incredible power of philanthropy – among our partners in both the public and private sectors – and the support our community has for projects that enhance sustainable recreation and access to our public lands.”

“Those who visit our resorts are passionate about the outdoors,” said Tom Fortune, vice president and general manager of Heavenly Mountain Resort. “It’s important to Vail Resorts that we provide opportunities for our guests to give back and support projects like this in the mountain communities where we operate. Lending support to aid in the completion of the Lily Lake Trail, a new trail I myself look forward to using, aligned perfectly with the intent of our guest donation program.”

Once complete, the Lily Lake Trail, designed to connect to the newly built trail system on Angora Ridge, will feature stunning views of Desolation Wilderness, Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe, reduce traffic on narrow roads, and offer new access to hikers and mountain bikers who want a car-free way to enjoy Fallen Leaf Lake, Glen Alpine Springs and Desolation Wilderness. The trail will be comprised of aspects unique to the Tahoe trail repertoire — slickrock, boulder traverses, and an expansive view of Fallen Leaf Lake on the edge of a 75-foot cliff.

Construction started in 2018; however, due to the challenges of building through dense vegetation and unforgiving talus, and the requirement of funding that has now been achieved to pay for professional engineering and building crews, completion isn’t expected until late 2020.“Without the active support of the Tahoe Fund and Vail Resorts’ EpicPromise triple match, construction of the Lily Lake Trail simply wouldn’t be possible,” said Scott Brown, Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association board member and crew leader. “It’s incredibly inspiring to know that when we put out the call for help, this community is willing to step up and make it happen.”

Learn more about the Lily Lake Trail project at www.tahoefund.org.

NV East Shore October Update


October’s median sales price for single family residences on the NV East Shore was $1,000,000.  Days on market averaged 111.  The lowest priced unit sold was located on Tina Ct for $499,000.  The highest was in the Glenbrook community for $5,450,000.  Most of last month’s sales occurred in the mid Kingsbury and Zephyr Heights communities.  There were a total of 15 sales last month.  This compares to only 10 residential units sold last year at this time with a median sales price of $778,750.

South Lake Tahoe October Sales Update

South Lake Tahoe Welcome Sign

October’s median sales price for both city and county areas backed off from last month’s annual high to $480,000.  We’ve bounced off this level 3 times since April 2019.  For a look at the median sales price for each neighborhood along with the average days on market and the number of units sold see below.

Real Estate Agent Review

Real Estate Agent Review

Robert was extremely helpful in getting our house in South Lake Tahoe. He made sure the process was easy and understandable. Since we are from out of town, Robert made himself available to meet with inspectors or anything else we needed while we were not in town. We would highly recommend Robert, he is AWESOME!

Property Insurance Costs

After several years of record-breaking California wildfires, insurance companies have responded by imposing huge premium increases on property owners, or even worse, flat-out denying coverage and canceling policies. Here are some tips to help property owners maintain their current insurance plan or, if necessary, find a new one.

Rising Insurance Costs
Rising Insurance Costs

89448 Update for October 2019


Days on market in October increased by 10% from this time last year.  However the total number of sales in the 89448 zip code doubled from 6 last year to 13.  The median price of those sales also increased from $641,500 to $800,000   but this last bit of information really only says that those with lower priced homes decided to sell last year while those with higher priced homes decided to sell this October.  The important figure to note here is the increase in the average days on market.  This typically means a slowdown in the market place however we’ll watch to see what occurs over the next few months.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns or would just like to receive a free price analysis of your residence.  Robert Stiles, REALTOR® CHASE INTERNATIONAL  BS.1001136 NV 530-314-0352